A few years back, there was a game show that used the idea of “Phone a Friend” when a contestant got in a jam. At Acoem USA, we have been a “friend” for maintenance and reliability personnel for a long time!

I recently took a call from a maintenance mechanic who was installing a new pump. He had performed a successful alignment on the machine before the piping was installed. But once all of the piping was bolted up, the alignment was out horizontally. He was encountering a bolt bound condition, due to the piping moving the pump around.

He asked if I had a smartphone (which I did), and if we could do a “FaceTime” call. I was able to watch on my phone, even though the mechanic was over 1000 miles away. I talked him through some options, such as:

  • Moving the pump
  • Readjusting piping supports
  • Oversizing the motor feet bolt holes

He had the same ideas and thanked me for boosting his confidence on how to best correct the problem.

The moral of the story – give us a call!

Even though communication is better than ever before, not all reliability-based companies these days seem willing to help a customer once the sale is completed.

  • Maybe they’re too busy
  • Maybe their experts have moved on or retired
  • Maybe they don’t know how themselves

Give us a call. Send us an email or text. We can set up a video chat or online training. We’ll still even get in a car, on a plane, even a boat or helicopter (it’s happened a few times) if that’s what it takes to have a face-to-face conversation.

Even if that face-to-face is screen-to-screen, phone a friend. We can help! (800) 379-2250

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