The Fixturlaser Level is a two-axis level sensor that can be used wherever precision level measurements are required. It can be used to level machine bases or beds, bearings and journals, or for measuring “twist” on linear guide ways.

The accuracy is very precise with resolution down to 0.01 mm/m (.1mil/1”) with a range of +/- 50 mm/m (50 mils/1”). The FIXTURLASER Level is a battery-powered two-axis measuring sensor that connects via Bluetooth to the FIXTURLASER NXA Ultimate or Pro display units, for easy documentation of the measurement process. That is a great feature!

It can be used:

  • as a digital level
  • for leveling machines or machine parts during installation
  • for measuring twist on linear guide ways
  • for measuring parallelism between machine foundations.
  • It can be used to measure horizontal and vertical planes.

The Level is adaptable to any job via accessory mounts. Fixturlaser has a variety of mounting options. You can also make your own mounts to adapt to your needs.


My favorite parts of the Level are the live measuring and the fact that it is adaptable to any application. The limit is your imagination.

For more information, check out: ACOEM Fixturlaser Level

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