Although most machines are aligned with the coupling installed there are occasions where it is better to align a machine uncoupled. 

A couple of considerations:

1 – Shafts are rotated independently.

2 – Use the inclinometers (outside two numbers) to match angles within less than .5 degrees before taking a measurement.

3 – The shafts might roll due to the weight of the sensors. Instead of trying to hold them, use a steady rest to hold the sensors in place in the horizontal plane. A dial indicator base with an adjustable arm and rods work great for this.  

4 – Use the Verti-Zontal process to complete the alignment.

Here is an Acoem YouTube video that covers the uncoupled alignment process.  

Uncoupled Shaft Alignment Video 

Here are some additional blog posts covering uncoupled shaft alignments.

Aligning Uncoupled Machines 

Uncoupled Shaft Alignment Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

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