Vertical Alignments Using the Fixturlaser NXA Pro OmniView

Many modern laser alignment systems include inclinometers that aid in the alignment process. Inclinometers, however, don’t work on vertically oriented machines. These include vertical “C” faced machines as well as vertical machines with feet. This meant that vertical machines required a 180-degree swing for accurate measurements and sensors were positioned the old-fashioned way by aligning up to bolts or scribe marks.

OmniView is a unique function available only in the Fixturlaser NXA Pro and NXA Ultimate.  OmniView incorporates gyroscopes that aid in the alignment process for both horizontally and vertically mounted machines. Clients who are using the Fixturlaser NXA Pro already understand the value of OmniView when doing a typical horizontal alignment. OmniView orients the graphic on the display based on the user’s orientation to the machine. This makes the overall understanding of the process much easier and mistakes are less likely to occur. OmniView is also valuable on vertically mounted machines. Angular position is known so alignments can be accomplished with less than a 180-degree sweep, and sensors can be positioned more accurately which aids in a more efficient alignment.

Mount Sensors in line with a bolt, square up lasers and follow prompts to input machine dimensions. The bolt becomes bolt number 1.

Register Initial measurement. Note angles will zero.

Move sensors outside of red zone. Pay attention to clockwise or counterclockwise rotation since direction numbers the bolts. Note position of each sensor is displayed. Register the second measurement.

Move sensors outside of red zone to register third reading

Results are displayed. Angularity is corrected by using the appropriate shim(s) under each bolt with bolt one being the initial position and bolt two being the next bolt in the direction of rotation.

Offset is corrected live by positioning the sensors in line with each adjustment direction.  These are typically 90 degrees apart.

Remeasure to confirm results. Follow the same process if further adjustment is required. If not document the results.


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