VibrAlign Awards Scholarships to Mesabi Range College Students Chloe Kishel and Shane Chiaravalle

Mesabi Range College students Chloe Kishel and Shane Chiaravalle wrote essays that won them each a scholarship and earned the College’s Industrial Mechanical Technology program one year’s use of a state-of-the-art laser shaft alignment system.

The national awards are part of VibrAlign’s Realigning America scholarship program.  Every quarter the program awards scholarships to the students who submit the best essays on the importance of properly aligned machinery.

Several months ago Chloe and Shane submitted essays to VibrAlign describing their experiences learning precision shaft alignment using a laser alignment system.  Their essays were selected to win each student a $500 scholarship and the school one year’s use of the Fixturlaser EVO laser alignment system.

According to David Zdrojewski, VibrAlign chief executive officer, “We believe it’s important to support the training of America’s future industrial workforce so they can compete on the world stage.  We see the current workforce growing older and it’s time to prepare a new generation. Helping schools like Mesabi Range is a big part of our commitment to Realigning America.”  Zdrojewski plans to personally deliver the equipment to Mesabi as well as provide training to the faculty who will use the equipment in their classes.

For more information, call VibrAlign at 800-394-3279.  Information about Mesabi Range College can be accessed online at

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