VibrAlign CEO David Z Delivers Commencement Address & Awards Equipment and Scholarships at NW-REI Graduation

David Z awards scholarship at NWREIVancouver, September 4, 2013 – David Zdrojewski , the CEO of laser alignment company VibrAlign spoke at Northwest Renewable Energy Institute’s class graduation and donated a top of the line laser shaft alignment system, the Fixturlaser NXA Pro, to the school.  Zdrojewski also awarded $500 scholarships to two graduates based on essays they had written about shaft alignment.

The relationship between Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (NW-REI) and VibrAlign arose through former NW-REI instructor Joel Gentleman who currently works at VibrAlign.  He was in attendance to present an advanced laser alignment tool that will be on loan to the school for one year for training purposes.

Gentleman also alerted NW-REI to VibrAlign’s new Realigning America scholarship program.  Every year they will be awarding twelve $500 scholarships to the students who submit the best essays on the importance of properly aligned machinery.

“David Z was a really passionate speaker and we were honored to have him.” said NW-REI Program Manager Jason Bodily.  “After his generous contributions to the school this year, it was only natural to invite him to speak.  I think our graduates learned a lot from him”

For more information, call the International Air & Hospitality Academy at (360) 695-2500. School information can be accessed online at

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