VibrAlign has Created a Free App, named “Therm Align”, to Calculate Thermal Targets for Shaft Alignment

VibrAlign is committed to helping businesses use their resources more efficiently and effectively through the precise alignment of the shafts of rotating equipment. As the temperatures of machines change, the components shrink or grow causing frames, casings and centerlines of the shafts to move. In the most common situation, as machinery heats up, the centerline moves up in the vertical plane. Accounting for this thermal growth is important to achieve accurate results during the shaft alignment process.

The Therm Align app will calculate the thermal offsets needed to compensate for this thermal movement. Movement of both the stationary and movable components is taken into account to determine the proper compensating “target values” needed on the movable piece of equipment.

According to David Zdrojewski, VibrAlign CEO, “We’re out to realign America by helping keep machinery running. This new App allows technicians to easily calculate the adjustments they need to make to compensate for the effects of heat on motors and pumps.”

The Therm Align App is available for free download at the iTunes App Store. An Android version is slated for release in the near future.

To learn more about thermal growth click here to visit the Alignment Resource Center website.

VibrAlign started in 1983 as a vibration and alignment service organization and later became a distributor of equipment which, appropriately, equipped our team to better serve. VibrAlign is America’s exclusive distributor of Fixturlaser® – the manufacturer of the only touch screen tool available with 3D animation and sensor safeguard against sunlight. For thirty years now, VibrAlign has been growing across the country. Today we proudly operate out of local offices in every major region.

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