VibrAlign Hosts 3rd Annual Realigning America Tour

VibrAlign will take to the road for its 2015 Realigning America Tour, visiting 18 cities in 16 states. While the past two tours have focused solely on shaft alignment and couplings, the 2015 tour will also discuss machinery diagnostics and identifying key problems with attendees’ machines that can cause misalignment, as well as other issues.

The 2015 Realigning America Tour will begin on June 3rd in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and end on October 15th in Glendale, Arizona. Many of the tour seminars will be held at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, and all attendees will be eligible to win a $100 gift card for the respective outfitter upon registering. All tour events run for half a day, starting in the morning, with light snacks and beverages provided. Every tour event is completely free.

As with VibrAlign’s two previous tours, the 2015 Realigning America Tour content is customized to the attendees. During the registration process, attendees have the opportunity to submit specific issues, problems, or subjects they would like discussed during the event. Subjects often covered at the tour events include: Shaft Alignment Concepts (basic and advanced), coupling failure modes, coupling tolerances and other issues, dial indicators vs. lasers, verifying repair results, critical pre-alignment steps, identifying problem machines, alignment tolerances, thermal growth and targets, and handling the “2:00 AM Call.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity to see the latest innovation from ACOEM, VibrAlign’s new partner. The ONEPROD HAWK machinery diagnostic tool was designed for mechanics, allowing them to detect and prevent machine failures before they happen.

The Realigning America Tour is a fundamental component in VibrAlign’s mission to educate, equip, and empower the industrial workforce of America. VibrAlign believes that educating the next generation of workers is the best way to do that. VibrAlign CEO David Zdrowjewski explains the reason for the 2015 tour in a short video. According to David, “The current generation of workers has earned the right to retire…it’s time for new players to come onto the scene. But we’ve got to be prepared! We have to teach this new generation the new techniques because so much of the expertise is going to walk out of the building.… VibrAlign is uniquely qualified to teach people about aligning machinery. It’s our business, it’s all we do!”

Those interested in registering for the 2015 Realigning America Tour can visit, where they will find the full list of participating cities, registration information, and the tour video.

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