April 6, 2012

That’s A Bad Sign

By Stan Riddle


A manufacturing operation in western North Carolina recently purchased a Fixturlaser GO and shaft alignment training. This company is going through a multimillion dollar expansion. We decided, as part of the training, to check some alignments of recently ‘installed and precision aligned’ machinery.

Tags like these were placed on the machines that were supposedly precision aligned. There’s just one little problem. Of the machines we checked, 50% were misaligned. Most of them were not out by a tremendous amount, but they were out of tolerance. What’s so dangerous about aligned equipment, anyway?

Here’s an example:

Fixturlaser GO Before

Before the ‘real’ alignment

Fixturlaser GO After

After the ‘real’ alignment

The machine was both base bound and bolt bound. Yet, the mechanics using their new GO from VibrAlign corrected the misalignment in less than 1 hour!

The “Danger” part of the sign was correct!

Don’t trust a handmade sign!