Have You Calibrated Your Mechanics Lately?

XA Compressor AlignmentIt’s a new year and time to reassess our goals. We test our gauges, adjust sensor settings, tweak valves, etc. We check our equipment against a standard to verify it still works optimally. When’s the last time you have done the same for your mechanics and technicians? VibrAlign’s shaft alignment courses will calibrate your personnel to our standard of alignment excellence.

Fixturlaser GO Pump AlignmentOver 25 years of innovation in the alignment industry and close to 100 years of combined field experience amongst our instructors guarantee you will leave with a new perspective on your rotating equipment. Shaft alignment is not about pushing buttons and navigating menus. Shaft alignment is about making accurate measurements and positioning equipment.

Wind Turbine AlignmentOur training sessions integrate classroom and field work to help ensure maximum retention. Each course is based on our Verti-Zontal™ compound move methodology which focuses on alignment efficiency and less wrench turning. Whether you’re just starting out, need a refresher or looking for advice on advanced topics, VibrAlign is your partner in alignment education. Visit our site now to schedule your training.

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