Sometimes simple procedures can become huge pain points, especially when the necessary knowledge is not known or available. This has proven to be true with the geometric flatness “buck in” procedure involving a sweep laser transmitter and receiver (detector).

First, let me begin by defining “buck in”, this phrase is utilized to describe the process of adjusting a laser transmitter’s angular pitch and detector’s vertical offset to maintain a line-of-sight, or straight line between laser and usable detector space. This simple process usually takes just a few minutes with the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate.

Step 1: Power on, visually inspect transmitter and confirm adjustable tilt table is in same plane as  transmitter base (utilize spirit levels).

photo 1a

Step 2: Define and select measurement points for area in which you wish to measure.

photo 2

Step 3: Magnetically affix transmitter in known position where all desired measurements may be achieved.

Step 4: Magnetically affix detector at nearest measurement position to transmitter.


Step 5: Adjust detector height (vertical offset) until transmitter laser is positioned in detector center.


Step 6: Move and affix detector at furthest measurement point from transmitter.

Step 7: Fine-tune transmitter laser angularity into detector center utilizing the available micrometers, lock micrometers upon completion.

photo 4a

Step 8: Check measurement points in-between, assuring no intermediate high or low points.

Step 9: Recheck detector vertical position at first measurement point utilized in Steps 4 & 5, if laser maintains within usable detector space the procedure is complete.


Step 10: If laser is no longer in usable detector space, split difference between current laser position and detector center by adjusting detector vertical offset.

photo 6a

Step 11: Resume procedure at Step 6.

Once the laser beam stays within the detector area the “Buck in” process is complete.

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