In Laser Alignment, Size Matters!

When performing precision shaft alignment, regardless of the measuring tools being used, size matters.  Many coupled machines have obstructions around the couplings, such as transmitters, oil or cooling lines, conduit clamps, and many other components which can make precision laser shaft alignment challenging.

Sensor comparison

Fixturlaser’s new generation Bluetooth sensors (pictured on the left above) are the most compact laser sensors on the market, measuring in at only 33.5mm thick (approx.1-5/16” thick), yet still utilizing a 30 mm detector. See the comparison of the different sensor thicknesses of the major laser alignment tools above.  

Is that a big deal, you may say.  Yes-actually it is.  The more narrow the sensor:

  • The more easily it fits into tight places.
  • The easier it is to configure sensors and brackets to miss obstructions from other machinery components.
  • The easier it is to mount the sensor between the coupling hub and the machine frame.  This may be especially useful in situations where there is only a short length of shafting extending from the machine.

Bigger isn’t always better!

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