Organizing Your Shaft Alignment Job

One of the great things about being out and about with other shaft alignment professionals is seeing how they get work done. Two recent shaft alignment training classes had some great examples of how to stay organized.

VibrAlign Customer Organizing ShimsDuring an alignment on a gas compressor a few weeks ago, these guys had to manage shims at twelve different feet! They each had their shim piles they were adjusting. The XA Pro told them how to adjust during the Verti-Zontal move and they were using the calipers to check the thicknesses. I dared not say a thing for fear of confusing the math! Patience and attention to detail is what lead to this compressor alignment being completed in one move.

VibrAlign Customer Shaft Alignment ToolsHow much time do you waste walking back and forth from the job to the shop? I was in awe of these shaft alignment tools. I’ve asked before what to pack in your tool bag but this takes the cake! These guys either roll this to the job or transport it with a little fork lift they have. Either way, it’s at every job. Shims, cleaners, dial indicator accessories, pry bars, persuaders of different sizes, wrenches–looks like it’s all there!

Do you have a setup you’d like to share? As you’re out realigning America take some pictures and send them on. I’ll make a gallery to share with all the readers.

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  1. Stan Riddle on October 7, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Good article. Really nice toolbox. I always keep a couple of dial indicators and mag bases with me, as well as a good dead blow hammer, 0-1 micrometer, feeler gauges, a couple of different sizes of prybars, and a good old fashioned straightedge.

  2. Motors on November 28, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Good Blog very nice thank you very much

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