What’s So Special About the Verti-Zontal?

Sometimes we get some funny looks during our shaft alignment training classes when we toss out our new word. Verti-what? Why do it that way? Some folks are still in the habit of checking and rechecking their alignment results to make sure one piece of the puzzle is in place before moving on. I guess you can do it that way if you like the extra wrench-turning but there’s a lot to be said for the more efficient Verti-Zontal compound move method.

The Verti-Zontal method was really put into perspective during my last couple of training classes down in Alabama. During our field work, completing a shaft alignment efficiently and quickly has great appeal when the temperature is climbing into the 90s (and it’s not even hot yet). Extra loosening and tightening of bolts adds time, sure, but it also increases the chance for any residual soft foot to creep back into the equation.

Remember, complete your prealignment checks first, assess your alignment condition, adjust your shims then adjust the horizontal. Torque the bolts down in a consistent sequence and remeasure. From start to finish you’re looking at only three times the hold down bolts need to be loosened and tightened versus at least five times if you choose a less efficient method.

What do you think of the Verti-Zontal?

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  1. David Zdrojewski on June 5, 2012 at 6:56 am

    I have a personal stake in Verti-Zontal. That being said, the idea is so simple and easy, I can not immagine anyone not at least trying this. I will be presenting “Verti-Zontal Shaft Alignment with the Reverse Dial Method” for the Vibration Institute Chapter Meeting in Milwaukee in August.

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