Take A Step Back During Your Shaft Alignment

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our work. So much so that we forget to take a step back and get the big picture. Whether using dial indicators or a laser alignment tool for shaft alignment, backing up a few feet and taking in the whole system might give you some insight into how to proceed.

Times you might need to step back:

  • Assessing a base-bound or bolt-bound condition
    • If your system doesn’t have a program for calculating alternate moves, you can quickly figure out the effect of your more by dividing the overall length by the distance between the stationary feet.
    • If you’re bolt-bound, look for more bolts. Some bases/frames/stands may be bolted together instead of welded. Loosening a sub-base component and repositioning it may be an acceptable solution.
  • Troubleshooting softfoot
    • Sometimes base and frame distortion issues can be caused by unsupported pipe stressing the pump casing, a base not fully supported due to grout missing or the entire foundation may be flexing if improperly supported.
  • Vibration issues
    • if your system can’t filter out ambient vibration, taking a step back to find the offending piece of equipment may help your troubleshooting

What else do you look for?

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