Why Color Screens and Wireless Connectivity are Important in Laser Shaft Alignment

Looking at how the alignment process works we wanted to point out two features of laser alignment tools that will help the aligner during his/her alignment process. The first aspect to a better alignment is a color screen. Some of the benefits to a color screen are:

  1. Flash™ animated color graphics. These graphics will show the user what needs to be done to align the machine.
  2. Large color icons are visible from further away so everyone working on the alignment can see what needs to be done. Here is a video link showing one of the Fixturlaser XA’s color screen module and touch screen aspects.

The other aspect that is a big help in laser shaft alignment is wireless connectivity. Just like wirelss internet, wirless connectivity helps the user maneuver more freely around the work area.

Fixturlaser XA wireless laser heads at work

Fixturlaser XA wireless sensors at work

Oil lines, breathers, conduit, unistrut, bolts–all of these things seem to “reach out and grab” the tethered cables on alignment systems. Not only that, but a wireless system allows you to move around the machine, as you must do during an alignment. So, with a wireless system, not only are there no cables tethered to the shafts but you are not tethered either!

Leave a message in the comment section below about how the color screen and wireless features have helped you in your shaft alignment process!

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