“Mic” Your Shims Before Alignment!

stack of shims

Have you ever added the number of shims your laser alignment tool or dial indicator tells you to during an alignment only to find your machine is still out of alignment? This is a frustrating but common occurrence. Was it a calculation error or did your alignment tool give you the wrong measurement? More than…

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Where is the Center of the Coupling?

During a precision laser shaft alignment, we measure the setup dimensions and input these into the Fixturlaser Laser System Display Unit. The requisite dimensions are Stationary Sensor to Movable Sensor, coupling center to M Sensor, M Sensor to movable inboard foot, and foot to foot on the moveable machine. One dimension that shaft aligners occasionally…

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Why Blog About Shaft Alignment?

VibrAlign’s blog has been up for a few months now, and we hope the information we have all shared has been informative. But, with all of the information available on the internet, why a blog dedicated to shaft alignment? At VibrAlign, we’re out to Realign America. We’ve stood by and watched as: Manufacturing jobs have gone…

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