Fixturlaser EVO and Dial Indicator Kit Finalists for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Award

2014 POY NomineeVibrAlign, Inc., U.S. distributor of Fixturlaser shaft alignment products, is proud to announce that Plant Engineering has nominated both the Fixturlaser Dial Indicator Kit and the Fixturlaser EVO as finalists for the 2014 Product of the Year Award.

The new Fixturlaser EVO laser alignment tool is highly compact, durable, and lightweight, making the unit easier to handle, but just as rugged as the larger, more full-featured Fixturlaser NXA. With its intuitive interface, realistic 3D animations, and a display unit that weighs less than a pound with a five inch full-color touchscreen, the EVO feels more like a tablet than an industrial alignment device.

The EVO’s wireless sensors are the smallest on the market, and are equipped with 30mm CCD detectors making it easy to get precise, reliable readings even in tight spaces. The dual sensors allow the EVO to continually read the true position of the shafts, even as uncontrolled movements are experienced during the alignment process.
The EVO represents the evolution of shaft alignment tools and is ready to handle all of your alignment challenges. The unit also comes with a bevy of alignment utilities like soft foot check, FeetLock for testing alternate solutions in situations where the movable machine is base bound or bolt bound, thermal growth check, a database of target values, and a memory manager for saving and recalling alignment data.

The Fixturlaser Dial Indicator Kit is a new take on reverse-rim alignment. The kit includes two dial indicators and two V-Brackets pre-assembled with chains for mounting to shafts up to 6 inches in diameter. (Additional chains can be added to increase the maximum diameter.) The Kit also comes with 3 pairs of hollow rods in 3 lengths to maximize mounting options. When paired with the optional Google Nexus 7 Tablet and the free Fixturlaser Dials app, you have a truly powerful combination of time-tested analog alignment methods and modern technology.
The Product of the Year award recognizes new products that help engineers, technicians, and manufacturers do their jobs safer, faster, and better. The finalists are chosen by members of the Plant Engineering staff from submissions in sixteen categories. The magazine will announce the nominations and the start of voting by subscribers on November 3, 2014. Voting closes on December 31st, and winners will be announced April 1, 2015.

Previously, VibrAlign, Inc. has won Product of the Year Awards in 1992, 1998, 2006, and 2008 for their range of Fixturlaser alignment tools, and most recently in 2013 for the Fixturlaser NXA.

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