Qualifying the Fixturlaser Level When Using a Fixture

The Fixturlaser level is calibrated to earth level out of the box. If the level is used without a fixture it reads level directly. If a fixture is used, however, you must first qualify the level with the fixture. This is a very simple procedure when using the Fixturlaser NXA.

Level measured with no fixture


Mount the Level securely to a fixture and touch the “zero” icon on the NXA display unit screen


Rotate the Level w/fixture 180 degrees 


Touch ½ icon, on the NXA display unit screen, to halve the values. Note values compared to the reading without the fixture. *The sign is now negative since the level was flipped 180 degrees. Both indicate the left side along the base is the low side.  

Level measured using a fixture (note level orientation)


Level measured with no fixture (note level orientation)



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