VibrAlign Is Out to Eliminate Five Major Culprits of Mis-Alignment of Rotating Equipment

In an article featured in a recent electronic newsletter targeted to anyone involved in laser shaft alignment,VibrAlign identified five alignment behaviors that can negatively impact the alignment process. VibrAlign urges everyone involved in the alignment of rotating equipment to be on the lookout for these miscreants.

The article appeared in the September issue of VibrAlign’s T-Mail. T-Mail keeps subscribers up to date on alignment product updates, new software like the recently introduced Therm Align app for iOS and Android, training classes, and relevant content available through other publications such as VibrAlign’s blog and website.

According to Stan Riddle, VibrAlign Trainer, “If you’re trying to achieve the precise alignment of rotating shafts at your facility, you had better be on the lookout for these five mis-aligners… Soft Foot Sam, High-Torque Tommy, Difficult Dan, Turning Timmy, and Felix Da Feet. With just a bit of training and a little remedial work you can kick these bad actors out of the plant and see a positive impact on your alignment routine.”

VibrAlign’s staff of expert trainers are available to help companies become more efficient and effective at keeping rotating equipment precisely aligned for optimal performance and life. The trainers are constantly on the lookout for anything that can mess up an alignment, including these five perpetrators of bad alignment.

In addition to T-Mail, VibrAlign uses the internet to provide a wide range of information about the alignment of rotating shafts. This includes the new Alignment Resource Center at and the popular alignment blog,

VibrAlign started in 1983 as a vibration and alignment service organization and later became a distributor of equipment which, appropriately, equipped our team to better serve. VibrAlign is America’s exclusive distributor of Fixturlaser® – the manufacturer of the only touch screen tool available with 3D animation and sensor safeguard against sunlight. For thirty years now, VibrAlign has been growing across the country. Today we proudly operate out of local offices in every major region.

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