Last week we officially announced the launch of the new Fixturlaser Go Pro.  So far we have recieved some good feedback, thanks to IMPO for this piece.

In this announcement we talked about a new process in the alignment industry called the Verti-Zontal compund move.  What makes this move so special?  Well it is a fundamental change in the process of correcting misalignment of rotating shafts!  If you click on this link here, you will see a chart on our website that will show how Verti-Zontal is taking out two steps and possibly more in the alignment process.  Verti-Zontal is a move that will help you in doing less wrench turning and more alignments.  In the next month (March time frame) there will be an exclusive article featured in Uptime Magazine written by the founder of VibrAlign David Zdrojewski.

VibrAlign Verti-Zontal compound move

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