Verti-Zontal: Fast Way to Align Machinery Shafts

Acoem USA invented its own method of correcting misalignment – called Verti-Zontal® – which allows for the vertical and horizontal adjustments to be made together in one pass, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy the first time around. Where old alignment techniques would require a machinery maintenance pro to make multiple adjustments and take multiple measurements, Verti-Zontal alignments are often completed with just one set of adjustments.

When Acoem USA trains companies on alignment, a portion of each class is spent on teaching this more efficient and effective way to complete precision alignments. The result is that Acoem USA trained businesses have a clear path to realizing ROI from their investment in alignment.

According to David Zdrojewski, Acoem USA CEO, “We’re serious about bringing greater efficiency to American industry. Being able to help improve productivity and reliability, even in something as seemingly simple as machine shaft alignment, is just one example of how America’s industrial base can be strengthened and restored. For us this is just one way of giving back.”

To learn more about the Verti-Zontal Compound Move shaft alignment method please contact Acoem USA today.


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